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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Behind the Scenes: Peppermint Elf

 We had an absolute blast at the studio tonight, shooting what is likely my last Xmas shoot of the year.  Roe was back, with an amazing makeup job done by my wife Stephanie. Here's the preview image:

"Peppermint Elf" Model: Roe; MUA: Makeup by Steph

And, just for fun, here are a couple of behind the scenes shots from this evening:

And one TOTALLY not naughty video of Roe making a candy cane shank for the shoot:

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Santa Punk: New Genesis (Preview)

 Tonight before I hosted the Krampusnacht episode of my talk show, I got the chance to reshoot last year's Santa Punk: Origins series.  Same male model, new female model, a much better backdrop and lighting, and way more fun images.  Here's the preview:

"Santa Punk: New Genesis" Models: Steven & Lise

You can see the previous attempt at this series in the post right before this one.  I have yet another Xmas shoot (likely my last for this year) scheduled tomorrow, and then the elf from this shoot will be back in next week for some more work for my 2024 book "Time Me Up" (2024).

It's been a year...

 Right after I shot the series listed in my last post (which yes, I realize was November of last year, over 11 months ago) I took off on a cross-country trip to the East Coast.  Then I was wrapped up in my acting projects, and then I spent the summer in the hospital, which tends to stifle creativity, as you can imagine.  But I'm back shooting again!  I actually did a Halloween shoot back in October, featuring new model Roe:

"Spooky Season" Model: Roe

And this week I came back to that Christmas shoot from last November (see previous post), but realized that it fell flat for several reasons.  I salvaged what I could and posted a few images on my deviantART account this week; the digital download of the entire series will be available Wednesday 12/06.  I renamed it to Santa Punk: Origins as I will be re-shooting it tomorrow with the same male model but a different elf,  The new series will be Santa Punk: New Genesis.  But here is the original:

"Santa Punk: Origins" Models: Steven & Noelle (2022)

Today I shot with a brand new model who drove out 4 hours to work with me.  She was absolutely amazing for a first time model and I can't wait to work with her again.  We did a Christmas shibari shoot (Gift Wrapped) and then a black and white study that will likely appear in my upcoming book "Tie Me Up" (2024).  This shoot will debut after my holiday shoots.

"Gift Wrapped"  Model: Princess Rose

"Grid" Model: Princess Rose

Next up is the new Santa Punk shoot and then Roe returns in a new series I'm shooting Wednesday called Peppermint Elf.  Stay tuned for more preview images all this week!

-- Richard