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New Model FAQ & Questionnaire

Hello! My name is Richard Rasner, and I have been shooting fine are nudes for over 22 years now. It is my full time job and my work hangs in museums, art galleries and private collections all over the world. I specialize in the non-erotic, non-sexual nude, and my proclivities lie towards photographing people of all shapes and sizes with unique features and in unique locations, hence the studio name “Unique Nudes.” I have several studios worldwide, and I travel often on gallery tours, book signings and shooting tours, so even if you aren’t close to one of my studios, it is possible we may still be able to work together.
For more information about me and my work, be sure to check out my Official Press Bio.

Do I have to be fully naked? (Can I wear lingerie, or shoot just implied nudes?)
Yes, actually you do need to be naked, hence “Unique Nudes”. My work is a celebration of the nude human body, which means that undies, hand bras, and so on just distract from what I am trying to achieve. There are lots of photographers that specialize in fashion, or implied nudes/boudoir, and so on, and quite frankly if that is what you are looking for you are better off going to them.
(NOTE: I do shoot boudoir for private commissions, but if we are working together to create art and sell it, that is not the style I shoot.)

Do you photograph men as well?
Yes, I shoot men, women, trans and others, of all shapes and sizes. While I certainly won’t turn you down for having a flawless body, I really love shooting people with everyday traits and fun looks. To see an example portfolio of my work, please check out this Google Photos album (No password required). Please note that the questionnaire below is geared somewhat towards women (asking for bra size and the like) but if you are male (or trans) just fill it out as best you can.

I’ve never done this before. Is that ok?
Yes it is. I shoot amateurs as well as professional models, and everywhere in between.

Do I have to pay you? Or can I make money?
No, you do not need to pay me, and good news, you do make money! But not up front. I offer 50% of print profits, for life (and beyond). That means your great-grand-kids will still be making money from my estate, long after everything is said and done. For some models, this is just a few dollars every financial quarter, for others, it is a significant partial income. I have had a model make over $12,800.00 in a single night at a large gallery show. That last figure isn’t common, but it has happened. Like any job, the more you work (modeling for various shoots, promoting them afterwards, etc) the more money you make.

Are you going to put these on the internet?
Yes. That is where things are bought and sold these days. To reach a worldwide audience, I sell my work in art galleries, book stores, coffee shops and yes, the internet. My prints online are sold exclusively through deviantART.com, and I use my own website to share prints for sale links, behind-the-scenes images, and tease upcoming shoots and ideas.

Can I bring a friend/escort with me?
Yes, HOWEVER: I reserve the right to end our shoot at any time should I feel your escort is disruptive, or is in some way affecting your shoot (often times I find significant others to be the worst offenders in this.) Also, they will most likely be put to work somehow (moving lights, holding reflectors, etc) to keep them busy and not have them wander off to surf porn on my laptop or raid my fridge (yes, both of those have happened). In truth, like any job I would prefer you didn’t bring a friend to work with you, but I realize getting naked for someone you barely know (and sometimes in weird creepy abandoned locations) can be a bit daunting, so I understand you needing moral support & safety.

Will I get copies of all the images?
Yes, usually within one to two weeks of the shoot you will get sent large (but not printably large) copies of every processed image from the shoot. At 1200 pixels wide or tall, they are high enough resolution to post on any modeling website (Model Mayhem, OMP, what have you) or any other place you way wish to display them, with proper credit, of course.

Where do your shoots take place?
As mentioned in the bio above, I have studios all over the world (California, Alaska, Pennsylvania, China, and many more in the works both stateside and elsewhere) but my main studio is located in Riverside, CA about 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles. Chances are if we talked, this is where your shoot will take place. With 14 sets indoors and 7 outdoors, it is my flagship studio and also my residence, making it convenient to schedule shoots almost anytime.
UPDATE 2021 - Nakayama Studios Riverside is now closed due to COVID, so currently I am primarily booking shoots outdoors, although I still have some indoor locations available, and I am also traveling extensively to make up for the lack of shooting space.
Can I hire you to shoot photos of me for my significant other? Will you shoot events?
Yes, yes you can! In this case not all the rules above necessarily apply. You will be required to pay me, but you will get all the images print-sized (FULL resolution) and they won’t be shared anywhere else. You can be as naked or as dressed as you want, and YOU control the artistic direction of the shoot. I am also available to hire for actor/model/comedian headshots, musician/band press kit photos and lots more. Just ask! I also do live music photography and fetish/dungeon event shoots. I’m likely not the person to shoot your kids birthday party, but it never hurts to ask me what I will do.

OK, I’m ready. What do I have to do?
In order to book a shoot with me, you MUST fill out the New Model Questionnaire below. Once you send it in (emailed to info@uniquenudes.com), along with some proof photographs, I will try and book you as soon as I can. Often within three months, and sometimes much sooner. I know the questions may seem a bit personal (as does sending a photo) but I promise you things like allergies and comfort levels are extraordinarily important for me to find out beforehand. The photos are so I can properly gauge your body type/skin tone (so I might have the proper lighting and filters set up beforehand) as well as match a name/face to each questionnaire. You can also check out my all new guide on how to prepare for your first nude shoot HERE.


(copy and paste in to your email, and then email it to info@uniquenudes.com along with your proof photos)


Full (legal) name:
Stage name or nickname (if applicable):
Date of Birth:
City, State and Country of Residence:
How did you hear about UniqueNudes?
(Internet search, friend, gallery show, etc):

Have you ever posed nude before professionally or for a loved one? (nude selfies count!)
Are you comfortable being fully nude for an artistic photoshoot?
Are you allergic to anything (pets/food/fabrics/paint)?
Are you comfortable modeling with others of your same gender (group shoots)?
Are you comfortable modeling with the opposite sex nude?
What is your ethnicity (genetically, not National origin)?
Would you describe your skin as light or dark?
Are your nipples/areolae pink or brown?
Does your pubic hair match your head hair or are you clean shaven?
Do you have any physical limitations I should be aware of?
Do you have any body piercings (other than ears) or tattoos?
Do you have any major scars or stretch marks?
Do you have any noticeable birthmarks, moles or other markings?
What is the feature of your body that you are most proud of?
Is there any feature you wish to minimize?
Anything else I should know before our shoot?

— Please be honest —
Hair color:
Hair length/style:
Eye color:
Bra size:
Would you describe your body type as normal, petite or large-framed?
Modeling experience: (None/amateur, semi-pro, professional)?

Optional (additional portfolio) -
Model Mayhem #:
Other Web Portfolio/s (deviantART, OMP, Musecube, etc):

Lastly, you MUST attach at least one nude photo of yourself to the e-mail; it need not be professional. Multiple photos showing various angles is even better. (Front, back, side, sitting, lying down, etc, along with closeups of any major tattoos, scars and so on.) I will settle for a camera-phone picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror provided it gives me a good indication of your body type. I am pretty sure 99% of the world owns a webcam, camera phone or digital camera at this point. A link to a modeling website with nude photos is acceptable. Please include a password if it is required to view the nude images.

(Do not post your info here!)

NOTE: I am not a weirdo pervert collecting photographs. This is for my model database so I can match a name/body to a face when deciding on whom to use for future projects. It also lets me know you are serious about modeling.

Thank you for your consideration!

— Richard Rasner, CEO
Nakayama Studios LLC

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