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Friday, June 21, 2019

Prep Work: Pride & Powder

Tomorrow (Saturday, June 22, as we near the end of Pride Month) I have a bunch of models coming in from all over the United States for a day of shooting, culminating with a final shoot in which at least 8 (and possibly more) models will be running around the lawn at Nakayama Studios Riverside covering themselves and each other in brightly colored Holi powder (the same stuff used in the Indian festival as well as color runs).  I spent all day yesterday cutting open tons of bags of the stuff, and sorting it in to the 12 bottles you see above.  Even being super careful I got it all over myself, so I can only imagine how the shoot is going to go.  I plan on doing a lot of action shots, and with any luck I may set up one of my DSLRs to run some video while we're shooting.  The whole day looks like it's going to be spectacular, so there will be lots of new content both here and on deviantART over the summer.
Here are our confirmed models for the final shoot tomorrow night:

Besides the prep work for the Pride shoot (clearing the lawn of hazards, dust-covering gear, etc), I also have to finish prepping shibari rope for a 3-model, 4th of July themed kinbaku shoot, set up backdrops in the studio, clean off the outdoor sets, charge extra batteries, prep paperwork and so on.  Whenever anybody says "Oh, your job is so easy! I wish I could do what you do!" I just silently laugh inside and go about my day.  This is a fun job, but it's still a LOT of work.
Anyhow, stay tuned for behind the scenes photos, video and more from tomorrow. 

-- Richard

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