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Monday, December 6, 2021

YES! Brand New Work! (PREVIEW)

 After having to move from my large home studio due to Covid, I've been moving from small place to small place, but finally ending up (of all places) in an amazing tiny home at a nudist colony.  Along with my now wife (we eloped in late 2020) I have at the very least outdoor places to shoot, and I purchased a new camera to kick things off right.  So, even though I did only a handful of shoots in 2020, and only ONE so far this year (this one), I'm making it work and I have plans for lots of stuff in 2022.  

As far as this shot goes, I literally shot it yesterday (Sunday Dec 5th) with my wife and muse, Lena.  Images will be going up daily on my deviantART page, with the entire series for sale well before Xmas.  Enjoy!